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Porto Airport is connected to the city of Porto, which lies some 11 km distance from the airport, via road and rail. Line E, the Purple Metro line, links the airport to the city, running every 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the time of day.

The first Metro train (Purple LINE E) leaves the airport at 5.58 am between Monday and Friday. The last service leaves at 00.34 am. On Saturdays the first service leaves at 5.56 am and the last at 00.34 am, (winter time table 2018/2019).

Line E begins at the airport and runs to Estádio do Dragão, before returning to the airport. The stops in between are Botica, Verdes, Crestins, Esposade, Custóias, Fonte do Cuca, Senhora da Hora, Sete Bicas, Via Rápida/Viso, Ramalde, Francos, Casa da Música, Carolina Michaelis, Lapa, Trindade, Bolhão, 24 de Agosto, Heroismo and Campanhã. Metro system map here

To travel on public transport like the Metro or airport buses, passengers have to buy an Andante Card, validate it at their first stop and again at the end of their journey  this will then determine the cost of their travel, as different zones cost different amounts. Passengers can buy the Andante Card in Andante Shops, which are located at several Metro stations in Porto, at self-service machines at stations throughout Porto, at ticket sellers such as shops with an ANDANTE sign, at mobility centers, payshop agents and post offices.

An Andante card costs just 0.60 euros for a blue one, and 6.00 euros for a gold one. Passengers can upload the card with amounts of money and check their Andante balance at an ANDANTE shop or kiosk, or use the machines in the Metro stations to check their balance. To do so, one simply puts the card into the groove in the machine and a message appears on the screen confirming what balance is still on the card.

If you are a tourist and plan to travel around by bus and Metro, there are several easy options available. Andante 24 allows passengers to travel 24 consecutive hours after first validating their card at the outset of their journey. For this to work, all tickets must be loaded onto the contact-less card first.

Easier still is the Tour Ticket from Andante. It is valid on all STCP buses, various selected bus lines, the Metro light railway and on urban trains. The Andante Tour Card is available in two versions.

Andante Tour 1 is valid for 24 hours, costing 7.00 euros. Andante Tour 3 is valid for 72 consecutive hours after the card has first been validated at the outset of the Metro or bus journey. This card costs 15.00 euros.

For timetables and more information on travel zones and Andante card details, please visit